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All Things Toastmasters is a collection of questions & answers about Toastmasters answered by Rae Stonehouse DTM and other Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmaster members. 

No, I don’t believe stops and pauses are necessary while public speaking however, if you want to become an effective public speaker and improve your messages there is value in adding pauses.

Friday, 16 August 2019 23:11

Why is public speaking a performance?

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To answer this question in the affirmative I would have to agree with the statement that public speaking is a performance, however I don’t.

The term performance to me indicates there is an element of acting to the speech delivery

Life Begins at the end of Your Comfort Zonev2My advice, as they say at Nike “just do it!”

I would add, think about your presentation not your nervousness.

When I first joined Toastmasters it took me 10 months to work up the courage to deliver my first icebreaker. I had evaluated other speakers and I’d even chaired meetings before I worked up the courage to deliver my icebreaker.

Since then I have delivered 17 more icebreaker speeches.

I would suggest that you don’t use either technique for practising your speech.

Let’s start off with the problem of using a mirror. It is an artificial situation. In essence, it is a mirror reflection of what you are doing at a given point in time… reflection being the key word.

Unless you’re pleading for your life when facing a decision of either the gas chamber or the electric chair, you probably shouldn’t be crying in your presentation.

I believe the short answer to the question is to take the previous speaker’s presentation completely out of the formula and deliver the presentation you had planned to deliver.

Short answer… is that it is possible to overcome the fear of public speaking. However, it isn’t something that happens by magic or by growing older.

I don’t know if there is definitive five patterns that work, however here are some that do:

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