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As a speaker how do you make your presentation appear effortless?

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While some of my speeches may seem effortless to new speakers, there really is a lot of effort put into the presentation behind-the-scenes.

The most obvious factor you’d expect to hear to make your presentation appear effortless would be to practice, practice, and practice more.

While that is good advice, you need to go back even further to the speech development phase. Your presentation needs to be crafted in a way that it attracts and holds your audience’s attention.

Then looking at the flow of the logistics of your presentation you need to ask yourself whether there are any awkward parts or are there difficult areas for you to deliver or even to remember the content.

While you may have practiced your presentation numerous times, are you passionate about your topic?

If you’re creating a presentation you will be using over and over again in different settings, it becomes easier to analyse your presentation to see what worked and what didn’t work. You can then adjust your presentation for the next time. When you are delivering a presentation on only one occasion, it can be a lot more challenging and making your presentation seem effortless.

So how do we make here presentation seem effortless? There is an old adage I like to use

“how do you eat an elephant?” Answer “one bite at a time.”

Instead of trying to focus on making the entire presentation as a single entity effortless, break your presentation down into individual chunks.

Take each chunk, focus on it, analyse it for effectiveness i.e. does it add to your presentation, did your message come across?

Then take each chunk and practice it. Don’t memorize your speech linearly. Learn the content of each chunk inside out. Note that I said learn not memorize. The problem with memorizing your speech word for word linearly, is if something happens during your presentation or interferes with your concentration, it can be difficult to get back on track.

When you have learned the content using the chunk method you will have likely learned more material than you can deliver at that occasion. What that means is if you have been given less time to deliver your presentation, or even more for that matter, you can effortlessly adapt the time for your presentation.

The effortlessness comes into play when you are thoroughly prepared to deliver your presentation no matter what obstacles are placed in your way.

Don’t forget to have fun!

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