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Wednesday, 05 February 2020 17:02

What are some suitable, persuasive, entertaining, inspirational, and informational speech topics for Toastmasters?

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There are no universal answers to this question. The best resource material for topics lay within your own Dont Let Your Voice sound like all the other noises today.personal history and experience.

I often share humorous stories from my childhood or other times of my life. I tie the story into making a point i.e. a teaching moment.

Recently I delivered a speech entitled “It seemed like a good idea at the time …” The speech is about a series of situations that didn’t go the way they were planned and the lessons learned.

An often effective formula as others have suggested, is to share a topic that you are passionate about. The trick is not to deliver a one-way data dump to your audience. Rather, take them on a journey of discovery with you. If you show why you are passionate about your subject and share with your audience why it could be to their advantage to develop their own passion on the subject, you will likely be more effective then just telling them about your passion.

As answered by Rae Stonehouse DTM.

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