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Is PowerPoint the best way to present something?

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So, is PowerPoint a creative way to present information, yes. Is PowerPoint the best way to present something, no… not necessarily.

PowerPoint is a tool and it allows you different ways of presenting your material. It is often said a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture on your PowerPoint slide can serve as a visual prompt to deliver an oral presentation on the content of the slide.

While you shouldn’t overload your slides with text, there are times where you need to deliver specific information and a PowerPoint slide does the trick.

The question asked is PowerPoint the best way to present something. There are some presentations where you want to demonstrate an activity or perhaps a new task or skill where you would demonstrate it live to your audience. There are also occasions where you need to deliver a presentation and you don’t have access to technology such as a computer, data projector screen etc.

Then there are times where your technology breaks down during your presentation and you need to be prepared to deliver your content in an alternative method, without your PowerPoint technology.

There is also presentation software called Prezi, which can provide a non-lineal way of presenting your information. It can be helpful in sharing content that builds upon each slide. While it can provide an innovative way to deliver your presentations from your content, the learning curve is quite steep and I understand that sometimes the audience has problems following your presentation.

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