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When giving a presentation how do you get back on track after answering a question?

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I will start off by taking you a step backwards. Should you have answered a question in the first place? Did it add to the content you’re sharing or did it take you away from your message?

As suggested, having a script or set of notes outlining your presentations steps can easily be referred to.

It can be easy to get lost or back to your original content after answering a question. One easy method to get back to your content is to keep in mind while you are answering your question what was you’re talking about.

When you finish answering the question you can then segue the content of the question back to your original content.

If you have been engaging with your audience you can ask them “now where was I?", Or even “let’s test your memory, what was I talking about before answering the question?"

In most cases, your audience wants you to succeed and will likely realize you’re pulling their leg when you say you are testing their memory.

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