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Does Toastmasters teach social skills?

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Does Toastmasters Teach Social Skills? Article by Rae Stonehouse DTM.I’m going to take a contrary view as some others have and say “No, it does not.” However, Toastmasters does provide an amazing amount of opportunities to practice them.

I can’t think of any aspect of our Communication & Leadership manuals that focus on utilizing social skills.

At a regular club meeting you will meet new members and guests. You will greet fellow members. Time permitting, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the group.

As the meeting Chair or Toastmaster, you will practice your skills of introducing speakers, introducing agenda items and facilitating the meeting.

As an evaluator, you will develop your assertiveness skills by delivering feedback that is fair and constructive.

As a speaker, you will develop poise and stage management skills. You will also learn ‘grace under fire’ when things don’t go the way you planned.

As a club officer i.e. a servant leader, you will develop your social skills when you encourage your fellow club members to participate or support initiatives or actions.

As the VP of Public Relations you learn to correspond effectively with members of the public that enquire about your club.

When running for a club officer position or any of the many leadership positions throughout the Toastmasters organization, there are plenty of opportunities to practice tact, diplomacy and campaigning skills.

These social skills, learned at Toastmasters, can make the difference between two candidates as to who gets hired for the job. 

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