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Would it be better to back out from a Toastmasters prepared speech if you have severe cough?

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While it may seem that you are causing an imposition for your fellow club members, you are actually doing them a favour by not delivering your speech. It might even better to stay home until your cough clears.

Coughs can be a symptom of a bigger problem and a person can still be contagious even if they think they have recovered from an upper respiratory condition.

Toastmasters is an open-ended, self-directed program. There will always be another opportunity to deliver your speech.

We would likely be a healthier society if more people stayed home from work when they are ill, rather than bringing it to work to share with others. I work in healthcare and see it far too often with my fellow healthcare workers.

It will give you more time to practice and perfect your delivery. Having the luxury of extra practice time is nothing to sneeze at. And if you are sneezing …

Thanks for your question and I wish you a quick recovery from your persistent cough. Remember, “its not the cough that carries you off … it’s the coffin they carry you off in!”

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