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The GLOVE method of speech evaluation



Willie Mays, major league baseball center fielder and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame once said “that in order to play the game well … you need a good GLOVE.”

This Educational Moment follows Willie Mays’ advice and applies it to speech evaluation by focusing on five specific areas.

GLOVE stands for:

  • Gestures
  • Language
  • Organization
  • Vocal Variety
  • Enthusiasm (Energy, Eye contact)

The GLOVE method goes hand-in-hand with the “sandwich” method of speech evaluation that we use of providing praise [specific areas that we liked], suggesting areas for improvement [with specific recommendations for improvement] and closing with offering encouragement to put the recommendations into practice and to go on to the next speech.

Try the GLOVE method for your next speech evaluation.

Adapted from Frank P. Connelly, DTM, PID (2001) by Rae Stonehouse DTM, PDG (2015)

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