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30 Questions For Speech EvaluationFor a speaker to improve they need feedback from objective observers. If you are evaluating
a speaker here are some topics you can consider in planning your feedback:


Speech Development

1.Was the speech organized (i.e. opening, body, conclusion)?
2.Did the structure and organization support the purpose of the speaker?
3.Was there a structure that held the audience's attention?
4.Were examples, illustrations, facts and figures used to support the speech?
5.Did the speech flow logically and smoothly?


6.Was I able to determine the speaker's purpose?
7.Did the speech relate directly to the purpose?
8.Was the speech subject appropriate to the audience?
9.Was the audience's attention held?
10.What was the audience's reception to this speech?

Speech Value

11.Did the speaker say something meaningful and valuable to the audience?
12.Has the speaker made a contribution to the audience's thinking?
13. Humourous: was the speech enjoyed?
14.Was original material presented? (New or different thoughts)


Physical Delivery

15.Did the speaker's overall appearance support their purpose?
16.Did the body language exhibited match the words of the speaker?


17.Was vocal variety exhibited?
18.Did the speaker's voice support their purpose (angry, sad, uplifting, energetic)?
19.Could the speaker be heard by everyone?
20.Was the voice used for emphasis (loud, demanding, soft, whispering)?


21.Was the speaker enthusiastic about their subject?
22.Did the speaker exhibit confidence and assurance?
23.Did the speaker show interest in the audience?



24.Was the language used appropriate to the audience?
25.Did the language support the purpose of the speaker?
26.Were the words chosen vivid, clear, evocative?


27.Were words pronounced correctly by the speaker?
28.Were the words used correct in their meaning/definition?
29.Was the speaker master of the words? How effective was the use of words?
30.How did I feel about this speaker and speech?

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