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public speaking tips

  • Effective Evaluation

    time for feedbackAt every Toastmasters meeting, a significant part of the meeting time is allocated to the evaluation team. The evaluation team consists of a General Evaluator, one or more Speech Evaluators, a Table Topics Evaluator, Grammarian, Ah Counter, and Timer.

    Evaluation has several objectives, including:

    •  To give the speaker your honest reaction in a constructive manner.
    •  To teach the evaluator to listen, clearly, precisely and attentively.
    •  To give the evaluator an opportunity to practice delivering an oral evaluation.

    When you are the evaluator…

  • Possible Methods of Structuring Your Presentation


    Structuring your presentationHere is some sage advice on structuring your presentation excerpted from Secrets of P-O-W-E-R Presentations by Peter Urs Bender.

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