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Flying Solo TM FAQs

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International Sample MeetingToastmasters International (TI) is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. Through its thousands of member clubs, Toastmasters International offers a program of communication and leadership projects designed to help people learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking.

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is more than 332,000 memberships. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,400 clubs in 135 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.

How Can Toastmasters Help Me?

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Your success in business is based on how effective you are. Through participation in the Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Program, people from all backgrounds learn to effectively speak, listen, conduct a meeting, manage a department or business, lead, delegate, and motivate.


  1. Overcome my fear of public speaking?

Practice, practice, and more practice! The only way to overcome your fear is to confront it. But at Toastmasters, you'll learn and practice in a friendly and comfortable environment with people who also there for the same reason as you are. With continued participation, you'll gain confidence that will allow you to apply your skills to make you a better communicator!

How does Toastmasters work?

TM Club Meeting.two peopleEveryone in a Toastmasters meeting was once at the level you are now. The environment is friendly and supportive, and the self-paced programme allows you to build confidence with each speaking assignment.

• A typical club has between 20 to 40 members who meet either weekly, biweekly or monthly. A meeting normally lasts around 90- 120 minutes.
• There is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations, pointing out the strengths and suggesting improvements. This feedback process is a key part of the program’s success. Members also give impromptu talks on assigned topics, conduct meetings and develop their leadership skills.

How will Toastmasters meet my needs?

TM Club Meeting three peopleEstablished in 1924, Toastmasters International uses time-tested programs that are continually updated to meet participants needs.

Self-paced programs allow you to progress as rapidly or gradually as your needs dictate.

The hands-on Communication and Leadership program provides the "how-to" and the practical experience so critical to progress.

What happens at a Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters meeting?

EvaluatorsKelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters is a community-style club and follows a two hour meeting format. We start at 7 pm and end at 9 pm on Tuesday evenings. We take a break from 7:45 to 8:00 pm to allow for some socialization.

The first part of the meeting is lead by the Chair. The Chair calls the meeting to order and introduces various members who take on support roles throughout the meeting. The members assigned to take on the support roles then stand up and advise everyone what they will be doing during the meeting. The idea is to provide as many speaking opportunities as we can, to practice learning to speak in public. Taking on a support role gets you up on your feet and speaking to others.

What's a "Prepared Speech?"

Competent Communicator ManualWhen you join Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters, you will receive an educational kit from Toastmasters International that includes a Competent Communication Manual, a basic speaking manual with ten speech projects. It is considered basic in the sense that it introduces you to the basic skills of public speaking that allows you to systematically develop your speaking skills.

What is "Table Topics"?

Table Topics SpeakerTable Topics is fun! Some may find it terrifying in the beginning. Basically, it calls on members and even some guests, if they are willing, to present a one to two minute impromptu speech on a subject not known to you until the moment you get up to speak! A member of the club assigned to be the Table Topics Master will prepare a few impromptu topics and call upon members of the audience to stand up and speak on the topic.

Topics might include current events, or philosophical types of questions, or even wacky questions that most often lead to very humourous presentations. Many clubs require you to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth … but not at Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters.

What is an "Evaluation?"

Speech Evaluator



The evaluation process is the foundation that Toastmasters program is built on.

All prepared speakers, should have their speaking manuals with them and should have passed them on to their Evaluator before hand. During the speech and after, each speaker’s Evaluator will be taking written notes and furthermore, plan what to say during the two to three minute oral evaluation.

How much does it cost?

Currency DollarYou are encouraged to visit Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters as a guest on a couple occasions, at no charge, to see if it is what you want to make a commitment to do. As our Toastmasters program is a self-directed, self-paced one, your first commitment that we are asking you to make is to yourself. Are you ready to commit to challenging yourself in the Toastmasters program by making steady forward movement? Your fellow club members are there to help you, encourage you and to share in your successes.

Do I need to sign anything to become a member?

OK Red CircleWhen you decide to become a member you will be asked to sign a membership agreement. The Club Executive will keep a copy of our application on file.

Here are the nitty gritty details for your perusal before you sign on the dotted line.


What kind of people join Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters?

 Help2Toastmasters International does not discriminate on who joins. The only membership criteria is that you must be over 18 years of age.

The Communication & Leadership program at Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters is suitable for all ages.

What are the benefits of Toastmasters?

TI Rebrand full colourWhether you’re a professional, a student, a stay-at-home parent, or a retiree, Toastmasters is the best way to improve your communication skills. Toastmasters can help you lose the fear of public speaking and learn skills that will help you be more successful in your chosen endeavor. You’ll listen better. You’ll more easily lead teams and conduct meetings. You’ll comfortably give and receive constructive evaluation. You already have some, or all of these skills. In Toastmasters, you will enhance them.


Should I overcome my fear of public speaking?


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 Should I overcome my speech anxiety? Answered by Rae Stonehouse.Whenever someone prefaces a question with the word ‘should’, they are in essence asking for permission. You don’t need permission to take actions to alleviate any fears or inhibitions that you have, including public speaking. You have it within you to do something about it, if you choose to.

This is a decision you have to make yourself. Anytime that you are talking to someone else besides yourself, you are public speaking. I don’t believe it is a matter of determining whether you really need public speaking skills or not in life.

Simply put, if you have advanced public speaking skills and the accompanying self-confidence, opportunities in life will likely present themselves. If you don’t have either the speaking skills or the self-confidence, the opportunities may present themselves, but odds are you won’t be able to take advantage of them.