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And the Winner is … The Art of Presenting Awards: Practical Tips & TechniquesWhile participating in sports as a young person growing up I was a member of several teams that were presented with awards of recognition but was never the recipient of an individual award. Awards were based on proficiency and results. I displayed neither. Elementary and secondary school weren’t any different. Apparently there wasn’t an annual award presented for showing up.

This left me unprepared for my first experience as a presenter of an award of recognition. I was serving as the Student Council President in my second year of training as a nurse in a community college when I was called upon to present a silver gavel to the President of the college as a token of appreciation for his many years of service. When it was my turn to speak and make the presentation … the cameras recording the moment for prosperity … I panicked and uttered the words “I’m so scared up here!” Things got a little black as I recall. I’m pretty sure that I remained standing during the ordeal and I’m not sure how the President ever got his gavel. In a strange twist of fate, the President took is own life a few short weeks later. I don’t think that my mishandling of the ceremony had had anything to do with it, or so my therapist convinced me.

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