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Thursday, 15 December 2016 02:49

When I have a presentation to present in public, tears come out of my eyes. How can I stop it?

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Each Time We Face Our FearI have to present something soon and every time I present something, my voice gets shaky and tears come out of my eyes. I don’t even feel like crying or anything, it just happens. How do I stop it because I do not want to get embarrassed in my upcoming presentation?


I have often heard speakers say that their voice gets shaky when they speak publicly. Not so much about the eyes watering though.

That’s not to say that you are odd. It sounds like you are experiencing anxiety when you speak and the shaky voice and the tears is your mind and body’s way of saying ‘hey, we don’t want to do this!”

In the long run, with lots of practice you can reduce those symptoms. It takes practice and lots of it. You have to desensitize yourself so that speaking in public doesn’t trigger those responses. The more you speak, the better chances you will have in reducing them, if you work towards doing so.

Your question is wrapped around an upcoming presentation. This is a little more challenging. In my experience, I believe that a lot of speakers aren’t aware that there are at least two speeches going on when they deliver a speech.

There is the one that the audience hears and there is the one that goes on in the mind of the presenter. While you are delivering your content you have to be aware of many things that are going on in the room, with the audience and your presentation’s roadmap.

At the same time, you need to be self-affirming i.e. telling yourself that you are a good speaker and the content that you have to share is of value.

If you are experiencing a shaky voice and lots of tears every time that you speak, it sounds like you have a conditioned response at work. You need to change how you respond to the anxiety. For one thing, you need to practice delivering your speech to a live audience. If you can do this repeatedly, it should serve to reduce your anxiety and in turn, your anxiety symptoms.

I would expect that you also have a self-fulfilling prophesy in place. You expect that you will be nervous because you always have in the past, therefore you will be nervous again. You need to break that cycle.

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Good luck with your next speaking opportunity and thanks for the question.

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