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Monday, 21 November 2016 02:20

I'm really bad at public speaking/debating. How can I improve?

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Communication Works for those who work at itToday, we had a mock town hall debate. I was so nervous that I stuttered at times. I also felt I was a bad debater. I tend to have excellent ideas. I even took a class on public speaking and I feel that I didn’t benefit from it. What do you suggest in the best MOST EFFECTIVE way to improve?


Well to start off with I would suggest rephrasing how you view yourself and your recent performance. Just because you didn’t do as well as you would have liked, doesn’t mean that you were ‘bad.’ You just weren’t as good as you could have been.

You ask for themost effectiveway to improve. Unfortunately, skill building doesn’t work that way. There isn’t one way that is guaranteed to improve any skill. It is a series of positive forward steps that create proficiency and expertise. These are maximized by having someone experienced in the skills that you want to develop, provide you with constructive feedback.

You say that you have taken a class on public speaking. If you still have access to your class notes, I would suggest rereading them for suggestions. You can’t learn public speaking by osmosis i.e. absorption, you actually have to get up and do it. Speak up every chance you get. Speak often.

Debating is one form of public speaking and is quite challenging. If you haven’t already, I would suggest researching ‘how to debate.’ I would expect that one of the techniques would be to practice arguing from both sides of the issue.

You might want to consider creating your own group of like-minded friends that are interested in developing their speaking/debating skills. I’m not sure how you are, but if you are over 18 years you could join a local Toastmasters club. If you are under 18 and there is a local Toastmasters club, if you contact them, they may be interested in running a Speechcraft program at your school. Speechcraft is a 4 to 8 week crash course in public speaking. I would suspect that it would be more beneficial than a school, academic-style of course.

If your recollection of your recent debate is still fresh in your mind, there can be value in reviewing how things went. Were there points that you could have made differently? What do you think caused you to be so nervous? Were you prepared to debate the issue?

Public speaking is closely related to self-confidence. As your public speaking skills improve, your self-confidence will improve. As your self-confidence improves … well your public speaking skills will improve … if you practice at improving them even more.

This has been a long way of telling you that I don’t believe that there is one effective way to improve. However, there is a lot of effective skill-building strategies you can use to hone your public speaking skills.

Thanks for the question and good luck with your next debate.

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