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Monday, 21 November 2016 02:10

How can I get better at talking in front of crowds?

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Speak Up Believe in YourselfThis is an example of a simple question that leads to a complex answer.

Simply put, you need to continue to speak to varying sizes of crowds and you need feedback from someone who is qualified to offer you room for improvement.

Now let’s make it more complex. Your question doesn’t tell us if you are making announcements as a Master of Ceremonies would to a crowd or if you are delivering a presentation or a speech to your crowd. While both utilize public speaking skills, they are different in many ways.

What is your definition of a crowd? A crowd may be 20 or so people in the audience to some people or it may be a crowd numbered in the thousands. Each size of a crowd, depending on the particular topic being shared, likely requires different skill sets. The ability to public speak is certainly a necessity but there is also an art to speaking effectively to a large crowd. You almost have to be larger than life yourself. Watch Youtube videos of Tony Robbins as an example. He knows how to work a crowd.

Your question also doesn’t tell us what your level of proficiency with public speaking is. If you are lacking in speaking skills, you will need to hone those skills to smaller groups before you can speak to larger crowds. Baby steps lead to larger steps!

A strong suggestion would be to check out a local Toastmasters club if you have one nearby. They can be great places to learn and practice your speaking skills in a safe environment. The activity that goes on at a club meeting is really the tip of the iceberg for the opportunities you can access within Toastmasters. There are many opportunities to speak to ever increasing sizes of audiences. While serving as Area & Division Governors I spoke to audiences of 20 to 50. This made it easier when I was serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Education & Training (LGET) and District Governor, speaking to groups of 100 to 400. I’m not sure if that would be considered a crowd but the room was certainly crowded!

Thanks for your question and good luck with speaking to the crowd.

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