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Monday, 21 November 2016 02:05

Where can I learn great public speaking?

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Communication Works for those who work at itI would rate myself as an average speaker. I am just beginning by career in research and I feel that this is a great skill to invest in. Are there some good places where I can get much better?

What kind of professionals should I consult if the air does not come freely out of my noes when I speak?


You are likely going to hear it over and over again, agreeing with Bo Pooni, as I do, that Toastmasters is the best place for the average person to learn great public speaking skills. Whether you actually become a great public speaker is up to you.

I disagree with Bo Pooni in a few areas though. I know they prefaced their comments with “or if there isn’t one near you …”.

Practice, practice, practice … most definitely. However, practice does not make perfect. For one thing, perfection is impossible to achieve. Better to strive for excellence. Practicing the same thing over and over again without constructive feedback only makes you better at not being very good. Progressing in any skill is an incremental process.

I’m not a believer in emulating anyone else’s style. I learned long ago that each and every one of us has our unique style. It takes lots of practice and experience to determine what it is. I found that I was an entertainer. I like to tell stories. I almost always incorporate humour into what I say, but I do not consider myself a humourist.

I’m also against speaking to a mirror for practicing. I expand upon in the article linked below.

How much practicing in front of mirror is helpful for public speaking?

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As for the second part of your question “What kind of professionals should I consult if the air does not come freely out of my noes when I speak?” In most cases the family doctor is the gatekeeper to the medical system. If they determine you have a problem, they may send you to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Thanks for your question!

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