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Friday, 07 October 2016 16:11

How do I prepare for world championship of public speaking?

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It depends if you are going to watch it or participate in it.

The World Championship of Public Speaking is a progressive contest process owned and operated by Toastmasters International. The winner gets extreme bragging rights as the World Champion of Public Speaking.

I would suspect that there are few if any World Champion of Public Speaking Authors here on Quora, so anything that any of us can provide is purely theoretical.

I don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all strategy to become a world champion.

The most obvious step is that you need to be a member in good standing of Toastmasters International. You must maintain this at every level of competition.

You might think that creating a killer speech would be the first step, but it wouldn’t be. There is likely a series of steps to take in preparation to be a champion. You need to review what the rules and criteria are for the International Speech Contest. You need to be eligible, one of the requirements being that you have given six speeches in our Competent Communicator manual.

I would suggest viewing videos on YouTube of past champions. Here is a link to a collection that I have created Study each one of the champions to see how they perform e.g. stage management, gestures, vocal variety, story development etc. Bill Stephens Productions can be a great place to build your video library on championship speakers. Perhaps your own district my have had a videographer over the years recording district-level speeches.

As the first level of competition is within your club, it can be a difficult contest to win. Likely, most of your members know you and may prejudge you based on your past presentations, even before you actually deliver your contest speech.

To be a World Champion, you have to be prepared to win at every level of the contest i.e. club, Area, Division, District and Regional. If that is your intent, I would suggest from the very beginning that you create your own success team. For your team I would choose people that share your desire for success, are not competing against you and have something special to offer you.

Often one of the biggest challenges is coming up with a speech idea, then crafting it into a winner. This is where your support team comes into play. After you have won at your club and area level, I would suggest taking your speech on the road and speaking at as many Toastmasters clubs as you can. At this point, they are not competing with you and would likely be open to helping you. Once you have won at the Division level, that opens up a lot more clubs that you can practice with as they would be supporting their Division by doing so. Getting as much stage time as you can, goes a long way in increasing your self-confidence and comfort with your speech.

While you are being judged at each level of the speech contest, I would suggest that you have members of your Success Team present at each contest for the purpose of providing you feedback and suggestions to improve your presentation. While taking pictures during a contest may not be allowed, I see videoing take place. Get somebody to unobtrusively video your speech, then review your video with your team.

As you progress in the contests i.e. club and beyond, there is a possibility the audiences and the venues will tend to be bigger. As the speaking areas increase in size, you will need to enlarge your hand gestures to be able to speak to larger audiences.

If you don’t have experience using a lapel mic, it would be worth your while to practice using one.

Back to a previous suggestion, make sure you know exactly what the judges are judging you on. It can be helpful to have your Success Team judge your speeches as well as evaluate them, to see where your strengths and weaknesses lay.

I don’t know if there have been many if any World Champions of Public Speaking that have been successful there first time at it. For many, it can be a multi-year process that starts at the club level.

Thanks for your question and good luck in your quest to the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking. I look forward to watching your winning video on YouTube.


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