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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 01:30

What is the importance of Speech Communication in the Business Sector?

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How important do you think speech communication is in the business world?Whether you are in the B to B (business to business) or the B to C (business to customer) sector, speech communication is quite important to the success or your business.

When we think of speech communication in regards to business, we likely think of having to deliver a prepared speech promoting our business. That is one example, but there are actually many more ways that being an effective public speaker can enhance your business.

At the basic level, we have our elevator pitches. I recommend you develop 30 second, 60 second and even ten minute versions of your self-introduction. These may be delivered to one person at a time, or as part of a larger group introduction. I have likely introduced myself hundreds of times. I was more confident and effective when I had prepared/practiced my pitch in advance.

I have seen countless numbers of people stumble over their self-introductions. We are told not to judge a book by its cover, yet we do it all the time. When we see somebody stumble over their self-introduction, we are left wondering about their credibility and whether they are worth getting to know better. On the other hand, when we hear an effective, enticing self-introduction, we are more likely to be curious or open to speaking to the individual at a later time.

You might have noticed that I mentioned earlier having a 10-minute elevator pitch prepared. If you can’t speak for that long about your business and what you have to offer, then who can?

Here is a bit of a twist on that idea. I would recommend that business people create and prepare 4 to 5 presentations. Notice I didn’t say speeches. Presentations are where you impart information.

There are likely countless fields of business. Each has its own specialized information that the average person, in this case business owners, is not aware of. I would suggest creating four different presentations of up to 20 minutes in length that you can deliver at short notice. That would indicate that you have to do advance preparation. Speaking opportunities do arise at the last moment once people know that you are a speaker worth listening to.

Now these four speeches that I am referring to aren’t elevator pitches. They are not designed to promote how wonderful you are. Well, actually they are, but in a strategic way.

The purpose is to share information that has value to the audience, is interesting and is timely. The idea is to establish the belief that you are the local go-to person for information on your particular subject. The last few moments of your presentation is where you add the “Oh by the way … here is what I have to offer or can do for you …”

For example purposes, here are some presentations that I am prepared to deliver. All of them are customizable, depending on the requirements of the organization.


• Referral Marketing Works!

• Speaking to Sell

• What Comes After the Elevator Pitch?

• Tagline Tango: Developing Business Slogans & Taglines That Work

• How High Does Your Elevator Go?

Stand-Alone Seminars/Workshops:

• Business Networking 101: The Basics of Networking (title under development)

• Power Networking: Tips & Techniques to Becoming a Power Networker

• How to create an Elevator Pitch that opens doors (title under development)

• Blow Your Own Horn! Personal Branding for Business Professionals

None of these presentations are specifically about my business, but throughout them I interject what I have to offer to the audience.

I would also recommend having a 10 to 20-minute presentation prepared where you do share, educate and promote your business.

As an event organizer, I believe that there is value for businesses to sponsor socially beneficial events. As a sponsor it can be a great way to get your business noticed. As a sponsor I would request the opportunity to speak to the audience. This is a target audience and a great opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the particular cause, which positions you favourably as well allows you to give a plug for your business.

Another speaking opportunity arises when you become the local go-to-person for the media, when they need an ‘expert’ opinion on the subject of the day. While you don’t necessarily have any control of how they edit the sound-byte, it does give you a good opportunity to be seen as a thought-leader.

I believe that public speaking/communicating is an excellent way to promote your business. You have to have the speaking skills and the self-confidence to do so. These are all learnable skills. I also believe that putting yourself out there in the public is a lot like planting seeds. You don’t know when or where one of those seeds might grow and open up opportunity for you.

If you are interested in learning more about communication skills check out my Speaking Resources at Mr. Emcee. In addition, if you are interested in learning more about business networking check out my How’s Your Net Working resource articles at Power Networking Now!

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