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What is an "Evaluation?"

What is an "Evaluation?"

Speech Evaluator



The evaluation process is the foundation that Toastmasters program is built on.

All prepared speakers, should have their speaking manuals with them and should have passed them on to their Evaluator before hand. During the speech and after, each speaker’s Evaluator will be taking written notes and furthermore, plan what to say during the two to three minute oral evaluation.

Evaluation is tough to do well, because it requires an Evaluator to do more than say "here's what you did wrong." A good Evaluator will say "here's what you did well and here's why doing that was good, and here are some things you might want to work on for your next speech and here's how you might work on them." It's important to remember that the Evaluator is giving his/her point of view. Other members of the audience can, and should, also give you written, or spoken comments on aspects of your speech they feel are important.

At Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters we encourage our members to deliver three prepared speeches from their Competent Communication manual before taking on the Evaluator role.

As you become more proficient with public speaking you will likely share with your Evaluator additional areas that you may want them to look at to help improve your performance.

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