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What's a "Prepared Speech?"

What's a "Prepared Speech?"

Competent Communicator ManualWhen you join Kelowna Flying Solo Toastmasters, you will receive an educational kit from Toastmasters International that includes a Competent Communication Manual, a basic speaking manual with ten speech projects. It is considered basic in the sense that it introduces you to the basic skills of public speaking that allows you to systematically develop your speaking skills.

Each project calls on you to prepare a speech on a subject of your own choosing but using certain speaking principles. Each manual project lists the objectives for that speech and includes a written checklist for your Evaluator to use when evaluating the speech. Thus, if you're scheduled to speak at a meeting, you generally pull out your manual a week, or two, in advance and put together a speech on whatever subject you like, but paying attention to your goals and the objectives for that speech.

Then, when you go to the meeting, you give your manual to your Evaluator and that person makes written comments on the checklist while you speak. During the evaluation portion of the meeting, your Evaluator then gives an oral commentary on how they felt your presentation went. The purpose of the extensive preparation and commentary is to show you what you're doing well, and what areas you may need to work on.

When you complete the ten speech projects in the Competent Communicator Manual, you will then progress into the Advanced Communication Program where you have access to another 15 manuals that have five projects to complete in each of them.