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Thursday, 15 December 2016 03:16

How do I get public speaking engagements?

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The Way to get startedYour question doesn’t provide that you actually have skills and experience in public speaking, so I am going to assume that you do.

There are probably at least three elements that you need to address. Firstly, you need something to talk about. Secondly, you need an audience that is interested in what you have to say. And thirdly, you need to let the potential audience know that you have something to say and they should listen to you.

It is often a natural progression that a speaker goes from free to fee. As you gain more experience, more comfortable on the platform and more well known, on your topic, you can start making some money. If that is your desire of course. Its not always about money. Sometimes its about getting an important message out there.

Something else to consider is your term ‘public speaking.’ This is really a generic term. Any time you speak to someone else besides yourself, you are public speaking. If you are looking for engagements or opportunities you need to be prepared to speak in the following capacities: trainer; speaker; facilitator; Master of Ceremonies, Seminar leader etc.


So, the big question is likely ‘how do you market & promote yourself as a speaker?

Advertising may work for some people. But as the saying goes ‘it’ll cost yah!”

I’m a believer in self-promotion, for business purposes. You have to run your speaking career as a business, even if you are doing it for free. Free doesn’t mean that there is no value to it, only that the audience or a sponsor paid you for delivering your content.

One technique is to write articles on your subject and/or books. This isn’t as daunting a task as it first sounds. It does take a lot of work. Good writing and grammatical skills are necessary. If you publish your content on the internet, it can lead to speaking opportunities.

Using myself as an example, I had a challenge with networking. As my default mode is to be shy, I found networking events to be painful. I also saw many other people that felt the same way. So, I decided to something about it and wrote a book. Power Networking for Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly!Power Networking for Shy People: Tips & Techniques for Moving from Shy to Sly! was the result.

As a result of that book, I have spoken about a dozen times to programmes that were helping older workers get back into the workforce. I have also taken the content from that book and segmented it into several two-hour seminars that I offer to the public on my own: Blow Your Own Horn: Personal Marketing & Promotion for Business Professionals; Power Networking for Business Professionals & Linkedin Your Personal Marketing Agency: For Business Professionals. 

Linkedin is a great place to promote yourself as a speaker. Going into any depth on how to do so right here is beyond the scope of this answer. Linkedin groups and postings can be a good way to build your online reputation. You want to become the ‘go to’ person on your particular topic.

If you have website developing skills, the internet can be an inexpensive marketing tool. I have several theme-based websites where I upload all my articles. Almost all of my answers here on Quora get posted on one of my sites.

My online articles have generated a couple leads that resulted in paid gigs. My content set me up as an expert on the topic and was able to help solve the client’s need.

Then there is back in the real world where you can create a list of potential clients that might  be interested in having you speak. The next step would be to follow-up with them in person to make the connection. One successful speaking engagement could lead to others, assuming that you have a topic that is of interest to others.

As I write this answer I am aware of the fact that there are likely many books out there on this subject. I thing I will research it myself and take my speaking to the next level.

Thanks for your question and good luck getting out there and speaking.

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